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Social Media & Your Domestic Violence Case: Think Before You Post

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It should come as no surprise that what you post on your social media accounts is an extension of who you are, especially when it comes to pending criminal charges. Far too often, we see individuals ruin their chances of fighting their domestic violence charges because of things they post on their social media accounts.

As the technology used by social media platforms continues to develop, it becomes increasingly important to think before you post, because what you post could be used against you.

Some of the ways that social media could impact your pending domestic violence case include:

  • Pictures - Whether you have incriminating images on your social media accounts or have been included in incriminating photos posted by someone else, the photographs on social media can be used against you. For example, if you claim that you haven’t seen your significant other in months, but on your social media, you have a photo with them from a week ago, your chances of fighting your charges will likely be much more challenging.

  • Posts - Similar to photographs, the things you post online can be used against you. We feel this is obvious, but never post anything about harming another person, especially while undergoing a domestic violence investigation. Doing so could completely ruin your chances of fighting your charges and will solidify you as the aggressor, which could lead to a conviction.

The obvious answer to ensure that your chances of fighting your charges are not ruined is to simply abstain from social media until things are finalized with your pending charges.

A Team You Can Trust

We understand that social media has become a part of our lives and that it can be a challenge to take a step away. However, if you’ve been arrested for domestic violence, it is crucial to speak with a team of experienced Jacksonville domestic violence defense attorneys to discuss your situation.

We’re here to answer your questions and help protect your future. Give us a call today (904) 474-3115 to learn more about what we can do to help.

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