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Mail and Wire Fraud Lawyers Jacksonville, FL

What Is Mail and Wire Fraud?

In the United States, mail and wire fraud are both federal crimes that involve the use of the U.S. postal service and/or “wire” communications (think: electronic communications, such as cell phones) to commit fraud. Typically (though not always), this fraud involves the attempt to defraud another person, company, or entity for the purpose of financial gain.

If you are under investigation for mail or wire fraud, or if you have already been charged with mail or wire fraud, you face serious penalties. A conviction could result in a prison sentence, in addition to hefty fines. Contact the Jacksonville mail and wire fraud lawyers at First Coast Criminal Defense to find out how our award-winning legal team can defend your rights, your future, and your freedom.

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Elements of Mail & Wire Fraud

In order to convict a defendant of mail or wire fraud, the prosecution must prove the defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

There are four key elements of mail/wire fraud:

  1. The defendant used or caused the use of a form of mail or wire communication
  2. The defendant was involved in a scheme to defraud and had intent to commit fraud
  3. The scheme involved material deception (either misstatements or omissions)
  4. The scheme resulted in or would have resulted in (if successful) the loss of money, property, or services

Additionally, while mail fraud only occurs in regards to interstate mail communications or mail communications involving national carriers, such as FedEx or UPS, where communications cross state lines, federal laws governing wire fraud have been expanded to include schemes to defraud using both interstate and international wire communications.

How Our Jacksonville Mail & Wire Fraud Attorneys Can Help

When building your defense to federal charges, our Jacksonville mail and wire fraud lawyers look at the various unique aspects of your situation. Depending on the circumstances, we may challenge one or more of the key elements involved in mail and wire fraud. We may seek to have your charges reduced or dropped, or we may strategize to obtain a not guilty verdict.

In any case, when you trust First Coast Criminal Defense, you can rest assured that you will receive dedicated, one-on-one legal representation tailored to your particular legal goals. We provide honest, straightforward counsel and can inform you of all available options.

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