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False Domestic Violence Allegations: Regaining Control of Your Life

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Domestic violence allegations alone can completely reshape your life, even without a conviction. False allegations of domestic abuse are often detrimental to an individual’s life, in countless ways, and regularly cause irreversible damage to an individual’s name.

There are a number of reasons why someone would falsely accuse you of domestic violence, with many of the reasons stemming from sour relationships.

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Emotional Instability

It’s no new concept that some relationships are simply destined to fail. Whether you and your significant other can’t seem to see eye to eye, or maybe they turn every minor disagreement into a full-blown argument, it’s important to remember that emotional instability is one of the most common reasons for false allegations to be made.

If your significant other is emotionally unstable, you should be wary that one argument gone wrong could end with you being arrested for domestic violence. All it takes is for your significant other to take something you said the wrong way for you to be arrested and charged with domestic violence. One phone call to local police could change your life forever.


Another extremely common reason why false allegations would be made against you is if you or your partner were unfaithful in your relationship. When an individual feels as if they were disrespected or had their heartbroken, it’s not uncommon for them to feel the need to get revenge.

Because domestic violence crimes are handled with such passion by lawmakers and law enforcement, they are handled in a “guilty until proven innocent” fashion, instead of “innocent until proven guilty.” Individuals looking to seek revenge on their partners often use this to their advantage. They know that domestic violence charges will make your life harder, and it takes them little effort to get their “revenge” on you.

Child Custody Battles

If you’re going through a child custody battle, you likely already know how challenging it is to come to an agreement with your ex. Additionally, you and your ex are likely trying everything you can to get the edge over one another.

If you’re arrested on domestic violence charges during a custody battle, your chances of getting the visitation rights you deserve could be thrown out the window. The judge’s main focus in a child custody case is ensuring that the child receives the best possible outcome. If the judge sees a history of domestic abuse on your record or recent arrests, they could rethink letting you have custody of your children.

First Coast Criminal Defense: Legal Representation You Can Count On

We understand that it seems false that your life can be changed within the blink of an eye due to a single call to the police. Your life could be forever changed due to false allegations of domestic violence. However, there are things that can be done to protect your future and help you move past your mistakes.

Working with an experienced Jacksonville domestic violence attorney will give you the opportunity to discuss your situation with them and allow them to explain how they can help protect your future.

If you’ve been arrested and charged with domestic violence, time is of the essence. We’re here to help protect your name. Call us today at (904) 474-3115 to learn more about how we can help.

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