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The Lasting Consequences of Repeat Domestic Violence Charges

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From stiff penalties to a tarnished reputation, being accused of domestic violence (DV) is something that can completely reshape one’s life, even if not guilty. However, for repeat offenders, the consequences get infinitely worse.

If you’re the accused, the odds are already against you. When it comes to a domestic violence arrest, the accused party is rarely listened to, especially when handling repeat offenses.

It has been estimated that three-fifths of people with a DV conviction are arrested again within two years, and of those who are re-arrested, nearly two-thirds of them are due to repeat DV offenses.

If you’ve been arrested on DV charges before, statistics show that you’re likely to be arrested on those charges again, even if you weren’t convicted. Domestic violence incidents have the ability to negatively impact your life for many years to come if not handled properly.

So, what happens when a person who has already been convicted of DV becomes a repeat offender?

A Look at Repeat Offenses

As is true for most criminal offenses in Florida, the penalties and consequences for DV charges increase with each subsequent offense.

In Florida, domestic violence is not taken lightly due to it being one of the most commonly charged crimes in the state. Because of this, the penalties for a first offense are stiff and often include:

  • Jail or prison time
  • Counseling
  • No contact orders
  • Firearm rights limitations
  • Severe fines

For first-time offenders, the penalties can often be lowered by the judge. Many times, jail time or prison time is lowered to probation time and fines are commonly lowered.

However, that same benefit isn’t given to repeat offenders. With increased jail time and even harsher fines, it’s crucial for you to speak with an experienced Jacksonville domestic violence defense attorney to discuss your options if you’ve been charged with repeat domestic violence offenses.

A Change in Careers

Employers are more competitive these days. With the help of the internet and background checks, many employers are taking advantage of the numerous ways they can screen a potential employee before ever interacting with them.

That being said, a domestic violence conviction will definitely raise a red flag to your potential employer. This is especially true when you’re convicted for a second time because felonies can prevent you from obtaining certain certifications and licenses.

The downward spiral that comes from repeat domestic violence offenses is one that can completely reshape your life in endless ways, including the amount of money you make.

Lasting Impacts on Family Life

Domestic violence cases often result in the judge issuing you an order that prevents you from contacting the victim. These orders can be adjusted at the victim’s request, in certain situations. However, if the judge believes that the victim is unsafe, they can deny contact; even if the victim wants it. Judges are almost never lenient when it comes to repeat offenses.

Additionally, repeat offenses can drastically impact your custody and visitation rights. This makes things much more challenging for individuals who have children together, especially with the COVID-19 quarantine in effect. If the judge believes that you’re a threat to your family, even if no children were involved in your case, they can revoke all of your visitation privileges.

Turning the Page

Regardless of if you’re guilty or not, a domestic violence charge does not have to stain your life forever. There are steps you can take to turn a new page and live your best life.

If you’re currently facing domestic violence charges, working with an experienced Jacksonville domestic violence defense attorney is your best bet at fighting for your future.

At First Coast Criminal Defense, our team is here to help. Call us today (904) 474-3115 to learn more about what we can do to protect your future over the phone.

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