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Can Drug Trafficking Charges Be Dropped?

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After being found in possession of a significant amount of a controlled substance or traveling with a smaller amount of drugs across state or country borders, you may be charged with drug trafficking. This is a serious charge and could even be prosecuted at the federal level. Luckily, there is always a chance your charges could be dropped or your case could be dismissed.

Charges Dropped Versus Case Dismissed

There is a difference between having your charges dropped or your case dismissed.

Charges being dropped happens in the early stages of a criminal case. After an arrest, the prosecutor will review available evidence to determine whether or not there is enough to move forward with a trial and ultimately secure a conviction. If the prosecution believes the evidence is lacking and they will be unsuccessful in making a case against you, they won’t file the charges, and they will be dropped.

However, if your charges are filed, they can still later be dismissed. Charges being dismissed will happen later in the case, typically after each side shares evidence and presents arguments. The prosecutors or judge can decide to dismiss charges.

While charges being dropped and dismissed are two separate events, the reasons for each can be similar.

Reasons For Charges to be Dropped or Dismissed

Your drug trafficking charges could be dropped or dismissed due to:

  • Insufficient evidence to obtain a conviction
  • Violations of the defendant’s constitutional rights
  • Illegally obtained evidence
  • Errors in arrest or investigation procedures
  • Limited resources to pursue cases
  • Cooperation from the defendant (assisting the prosecutors with other cases or providing information)

Drug Trafficking Defense in Florida

Our team at First Coast Criminal Defense fights aggressively to get our clients’ cases reduced or dismissed. We know how to identify weak points in the prosecution’s case and create reasonable doubt. We look at each case through a unique and personalized lens to ensure that we are creating the strongest defense possible.

Have you recently been charged with drug trafficking or another serious offense in Florida? Call First Coast Criminal Defense today at (904) 474-3115 for a free consultation.