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What Happens If I Get a DUI On Vacation?

man and woman driving in car, man is texting while driving

Vacation is a time for people to let loose and relax. This often involves alcohol. So, what happens if your vacation escapades result in DUI charges?

Getting an Out-Of-State DUI on Vacation

When you are charged with DUI outside of your home state, it’s important to understand how this affects the case. The state where you are arrested for DUI is also where you will be prosecuted. Traveling back and forth from state to state for hearings and attorney meetings is unrealistic or even impossible for many people. Luckily, you will most likely be able to handle your charge from your home state.

Do I Hire an Attorney In My Home State or Vacation State?

After being charged with DUI while vacationing, you should hire a DUI attorney in the state you were visiting. This way, they can attend court hearings and represent you in-person. They are also familiar with the state laws for DUI and can provide you with the best defense. Our team at First Coast Criminal Defense has helped numerous clients who were charged with DUI while vacationing in Florida.

Will My Home State Be Notified?

If you are arrested for DUI on vacation, your home state will most likely be notified of the offense. This is because of the Driver’s License Compact. States use this to share information about driver offenses, license suspensions, and traffic violations. DUI arrests are included in this shared information. Florida is a member of this compact. If you are arrested in Florida, your information will likely be shared with your home state.

The only states that are not members of the Driver’s License Compact are:

  • Georgia
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Wisconsin
  • Tennessee

DUI Charges While Visiting Florida

If your summer vacation to Florida was soiled by a DUI arrest, our attorneys at First Coast Criminal Defense can help. We want to help make fighting your charge as easy as possible, and do everything in our power to prevent you from having to return to Florida for your case. Contact us today to share more about your arrest: call (904) 474-3115 or click here to request a consultation, and we will reach out to you.