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How Planning Ahead Can Help You Avoid a DUI

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Some people are natural planners, and some like to go with the flow. However, our team at First Coast Criminal Defense is here to explain why you should make planning ahead a priority this holiday season, as it could save you from a DUI and keep you safe!

Before You Go Celebrate the Holidays…

Know How You’re Getting Home

This may be the most important thing to know prior to your holiday celebrations. You’ll need to set a plan for how you’re getting home, as this can guide your drinking habits for the night. Will you be driving yourself? Is a sober friend planning to drive you back home? Are you going to call a rideshare driver? In any case, once you know this, you can be confident knowing that you will get home safely and without incident. This also prevents you from being in a bind if you become intoxicated then have no way to get home but drive yourself.

Eat Beforehand

The rate of alcohol absorption in one’s body is partially impacted by their stomach contents. If you’ll be drinking, make sure to eat a substantial meal beforehand. Drinking on an empty stomach can lead you to feel sick or highly intoxicated, putting you in danger.

Know What You’re Drinking

Are you bringing your own beverages? Or are they supplied? Know that it may be harder to keep track of your alcohol intake if you are drinking a communal beverage such as spiked eggnog.

Be Prepared to Say No to Alcohol

If you’re planning on being sober to avoid a DUI, then you should plan in advance how you’ll respond if you face peer pressure to drink or are questioned about your sobriety. Sometimes, explaining that you have to drive isn’t enough to stop the pressure. Prepare for this and stay strong with your decision!

DUI Defense in Florida

Even with advanced planning, some drivers will face unexpected DUI charges this holiday season. If this happens to you, contact First Coast Criminal Defense. Our attorneys are highly experienced with handling DUI cases and we are here to help you. Reach us at (904) 474-3115.