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Never Say These Things When Pulled Over for a DUI

Woman Pulled over for DUI

What Not to Tell the Police When You've Been Pulled Over for DUI

What’s the best thing to do when you’re pulled over by the police? Plead the fifth. However, some people have a hard time remaining silent in stressful situations. Therefore, if you’re going to talk during a suspected DUI stop, never say the following things!

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1. “I’ve Only Had a Few to Drink”

When police pull people over for suspected DUI scenarios, they look for any evidence that substantiates their belief that a driver is intoxicated. Unfortunately, most cops are willing to manipulate people’s good faith to obtain a “confession.”

Cops will often ask drivers if they’ve recently had anything to drink. While this question may seem harmless, any positive answer to this question will immediately give cops probable cause to conduct a breathalyzer test. Therefore, when cops ask you if you’ve had anything to drink, it’s best to decline to answer.

2. “I Only Drove Because the Designated Driver Drank More than Me”

Sadly, many people think they’re helping their case when they justify themselves to cops. However, telling the police you got behind the wheel for “a good reason” isn’t a valid excuse for drinking and driving. Therefore, it’s best to leave your excuses at the bar and to remain silent because giving a justification for your behavior only gives the prosecution ammo to use against you.

3. “I’m Sorry”

If a cop asks if you did something wrong, and you respond with, “I’m sorry,” the police may say you just confessed to a crime. Therefore, it’s never wise to apologize when the police accuse you of wrongdoing, as your politeness could be used against you in court.

Call an Attorney as Soon as You Can

Now you know what not to say when police pull you over for a suspected DUI. However, if you’re arrested for any reason, it’s crucial you request an attorney before you answer any questions. You always have the right to an attorney before answering questions and having a lawyer by your side can help your case immensely!

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