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3 Things to Never Do at DUI Checkpoints

DUI Checkpoint Sign

What Not to Do At a DUI Checkpoint

If you’ve ever driven downtown during a drinking holiday, you might have come across a DUI checkpoint. DUI checkpoints are inconvenient for most people, but if you draw attention to yourself, they could lead to much worse. With this in mind, here are three things you should never do while at a DUI checkpoint!

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1. Break a Traffic Law

DUI checkpoints are annoying and can take time from your day; however, you are legally allowed to take a different route if a DUI checkpoint is up ahead.

Can You Turn Around at a DUI Checkpoint?

You can only bypass the DUI checkpoint if you can legally turn around and go in the other direction. If you break traffic laws to get away from a DUI checkpoint, police will undoubtedly pull you over!

2. Tell Police How Much You Drank

If an officer asks you how much you drank, this is a good time to enact your right to remain silent. Any affirmative answer will undoubtedly lead to increased scrutiny; however, you also cannot lie and say you didn’t drink when you did. Therefore, if you’re asked this question, it’s a good idea to decline to answer.

3. Don’t Complain to or Backtalk the Officer

When it’s your turn to be questioned by an officer, it’s not wise to complain or backtalk. The police are only doing their job, so if you’re rude or noncompliant, you just put a target on your back. As a rule of thumb when dealing with the police for any reason, being courteous and quiet are two of the best attributes.

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Now we will discuss 3 things you SHOULD do at a DUI checkpoint. Driving while under the influence (DUI) charges can result in severe penalties for the accused; that’s why it’s crucial you be on your best behavior at a DUI checkpoint. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how or what they should do at a DUI checkpoint, but luckily First Coast Criminal Defense is here to help. In this blog post, we will talk about three things you should do at DUI checkpoints.


When police pull you over at a DUI checkpoint, it isn’t necessarily because you broke the law or look drunk. In fact, police must follow a procedure that randomizes whom they’ll pull over when stopping cars at a DUI checkpoint. For example, when establishing a DUI checkpoint police may decide to follow a rule such as, “stop every third car.” Therefore, if you’re stopped at a DUI checkpoint, stay calm: it’s more than likely an unlucky coincidence.


Many people believe that police can’t stop them at a DUI checkpoint because it’s unconstitutional. While police typically must adhere to laws regarding probable cause (having a legal reason to pull you over) during traffic stops, they do not have to follow these laws to stop you at a DUI checkpoint. Therefore, if police ask you to stop at a DUI checkpoint, you should always stop.


During a routine DUI checkpoint, the police will ask you a series of questions to gain information about your condition. On the one hand, it’s never advisable to lie to police about drinking alcohol if you’ve had something to drink; on the other hand, it’s never advisable to answer questions that would lead to self-incrimination. Therefore, when an officer asks you a question about your night that could lead to more questions, always exercise your fifth amendment rights and refuse to answer.

We hope this information guides you through a routine DUI checkpoint. However, if you are charged with a DUI, First Coast Criminal Defense can help you fight your case!

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