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Can Drug Dealers Face Murder Charges?

drug dealer counting money and someone holding a bag of cocaine

Most individuals who are involved with drugs or drug sales are concerned with possession, distribution, trafficking, or manufacturing charges. But do they need to be concerned about more serious, violent accusations?

Our team at First Coast Criminal Defense explain when, if ever, drug dealers could be charged with murder.

Drug Dealer Criminal Liability for Murder

Drug overdoses happen regularly throughout the state of Florida. While some individuals are luckily rescued and rehabilitated in time, others suffer the fatal effects. In these cases, drug dealers could be held liable for the victim’s murder. This is true simply because they supplied the drug that ended up taking the victim’s life. This is called controlled substances murder in Florida. Other states are in the process of passing similar legislation that allows murder charges for drug dealers.

In other instances, drug dealers could face felony or federal charges for selling counterfeit pills, substances laced with fentanyl, or other serious offenses resulting in severe penalties.

Penalties for Controlled Substances Murder in Florida

In Florida, controlled substances murder results in first-degree murder charges. This is the second most serious type of murder charge, only below capital murder.

First-degree murder is punishable by:

  • The death penalty
  • Life in prison without parole
  • Thousands of dollars in fines

These are extreme penalties for a case where the defendant did not intend for anyone to lose their life. Drug dealers rarely think that they are at risk of a murder charge, but depending on the substance and circumstances, it is possible.

Murder and Drug Crimes Defense in Jacksonville

If you have recently been charged with murder in connection to a drug offense, you need to take immediate action and contact a defense attorney. Our team at First Coast Criminal Defense is well-versed on these complex cases, and we will devote ourselves to building the strongest case defense on your behalf. Share the details of you or your loved ones’ charge and arrest with our defense team during an initial consultation; click here.